Monday, 6 April 2015

Successful Inaguration of Coder Dojo Erode

Dear all,
Today (06-04-2015) is most memorable day. Because of Coder Dojo Erode Inauguration. Our main theme is let’s learning and share from today. In past, I was member in various clubs like Rotaract, Entrepreneurship, and Mechanical Engineering Association etc in college days. There I was learned social activity and personal skill development. 

But Coder Dojo gives to me Social activity, personal skills improvement, knowledge sharing, knowledge earning, and people of contacts from various region etc. In my region, the schools are doing only kind of muck up studies. This is not suitable for student future and they don’t know practically. But Coder Dojo teaches some way of activity and games. I am like that kind of teaching method. This teaching method will good in children’s future. 

Today we are teaching to children’s about basic computer by way of human robot. In computer what all are the hardware’s and what all are the software’s we were told clearly to them. They understand very well about basics of computer. They all are studying state board school. Even though they weren’t seen computers and don’t know about basic operations and applications. 

From my point of view personally I feel happy. Because when I was in childhood I didn’t get this kind of opportunity. But in my region child’s getting this opportunity. Thanks to Coder Dojo and Gauthamraj Elango built wonderful team for doing this activity.

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