Sunday, 26 April 2015

HTML Learning

Dear all,

There is no age to learning. Everyday we are learning something new from various resources. Now i am sharing about my HTML Codes Learning. Basically I graduate in Mechanical Engineering. I am more likely to learn new things. whenever i am surfing, the every website looking differently. I was thinking about what is reason behind that? I was asked to Computer Science Students while i was studying Graduation, they told html, css and etc., I was confused and searching about that. I can't find it.

One fine Sunday Evening as usual meeting with local friends. On that day one of my friends Gauthamraj and Udhayakumar told about Coder Dojo Community Club. What they are doing and we are planning to do this. I was excited and told to them we must doing to our rural child's.  So we planned and organized with Super Six mentors.
Coder Dojo main theme is lear by making. So first we wanna learn about HTML with informal way. I could understand very easily about basic structure of HTML. Then i am practicing. At first i were like to create own website for my small tea shop. Name is Arun Tea Stall. I was type codes on notepad and save as HTML then open in Firefox Browser. What all are the contend i typed  it was came in Browser. I was more excited. 
After that  i had a doubt, contend only came but how to insert image? After that i am searching about that. then find <img src="go.gif"> i was typed and did actual procedure. when were opened browser i was shocked. That image doesnt came. But contend was there. So i am thinking about what mistakes had done. Was again trying, trying, trying....trying. Finally at 10th time got it. Then i am said, yes i got it.

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