Friday, 17 April 2015

Second Event of CoderDojo Erode

Dear All,

“Teaching to the child is difficult by the way of Traditional Education Method,

But the way of them Teaching is easy like Games and Activities”
12-04-2015 we are conducted our second event of Coder Dojo Erode & Web maker Erode. On that day while I am teaching to children once again I went to my childhood. It make feels very happy. This is our simple method we formed

Based upon on first week (05-04-2015) teach to 5 ninjas to make them unaware to aware. We were taught about basic computers working method. But this week we got 9ninjas including 3girls. So we were spread two teams. One team is new team including 3girls. Mentors UdhayakumarSathiyamoorthi, GovindhasamyRathinasamy, GauthamrajElango were taught about Basic computers with full of new games and activities.

Mentors Myself, MahendiranPalaniswamy, DhivinrajChelladurai were taught about basic usage of Computers to the Aware Ninjas. Initially we remember with last week activities.

And then we formed round circle to teach about basic application usage compare with television.Television is main part in our region. So we took this for example. Television as the computer and channels are applications. User is human and Remote is input device. Initial screen is OS. Based upon we formed human chain and explain about applications. Here we took channels for Pogo and Cartoon network. Because of children’s more interested to watch cartoons. They were clearly understood the usage of applications.
Sometimes after we told to them compare with practical things. One of our learner Balaji said, Light is an example. He was told, switch is input device, human is user, current is OS and light is Output. It’s unbelievable he understood clearly about computers and applications. Like that every learner told one practical example.

After that games session by using one laptop we had instruct how to switch on the laptop and what all are the input, output and operating systems. Then we instruct usage of basic applications like calculator and notepad. In this session they were participated very interesting. Few of learners first time seen the laptop. Here we gave simple calculations to put actual Mathematical calculations. They were made very easily. But gave large calculations like (1256 X 68=?) they were struggled. But instead of using calculator in laptop they were find answers easily.   

They were happy to use the computer and calculations like this. Then told about simple editing skills in notepad and what the use of it is. By using notepad one of our learner Mr. Nandeesh type about her interests and hobbies.  Actually he is using computer on first time. Finally end up with them own selfie photos by using selfie stick.

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